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PV621/622 Blanking Plug  (P/N: IO620-Blank)
Manufactured by GE Druck

Allows the PV621G and 622G to be used as pressure generators independently of the DPI 620G Genii and PM 620G pressure modules by blanking the PV 621G / PV 622G  pressure module port.  Not required for the PV 623G as the port is self-sealing.

The PV621/622 Blanking Plug is an accessory with the products below:

  • GE Druck DPI 620 Genii Multifunction Calibrator
  • GE Druck DPI 620-IS Multifunction Calibrator + HART Communicator
  • GE Druck PM620 Pressure Module
  • GE Druck PV621G Pressure Station
  • GE Druck PV622G Pressure Station