Modular System Transit Case for DPI 620 Series (P/N:  IO620-CASE-4) - OVERVIEW
by Druck

A rigid transit case with wheels and an extendable handle.  Accommodates two PV62XG pressure stations, DPI 620G, MC620G and PM 620G pressure modules, with ample storage space for accessories.  Size:  736 mm x 554 mm x 267 mm.  Weigth 8.5 kg empty.

The IO620-CASE-4 is an accessory with the products below:

  • GE Druck DPI620G Genii with HART Communicator
  • GE Druck DPI 620G L Genii Multifunction Calibrator
  • GE Druck DPI 620G FF Genii Multifunction Calibrator
  • GE Druck DPI 620-IS Multifunction Calibrator + HART Communicator
  • GE Druck MC620G Modular Carrier for Pressure Modules
  • GE Druck PM620G Pressure Modules
  • GE Druck PV621/PV622/PV623 Pressure Generation Stations
  • GE Druck PV621/PV622/PV623 Intrinsic Safe Pressure Generation Stations