Dirt and Moisture Trap (IO620-IDT621-NEW) - DESCRIPTION
by Druck

IO620-IDT621-NEW is rated for a maximum working pressure of 20 bar / 300 psi and is intended for use with pneumatic pressure media compatible with stainless steel, acrylic and nitrile. A transparent body and simple construction makes viewing for contamination and cleaning easy. It is designed specifically for use with the 20 bar PV 621 pressure station and DPI611 Hand-held Pressure Calibrator.  It has compatible male and female “quick fit” connections, but is based on the popular IDT 600, designed originally for the DPI 610 series.

The IDT 600 is an effective barrier against the transfer of moisture and dirt from an instrument under test to a Druck portable pressure calibrator.  Installed directly on the calibrator pressure port, regular use of the IDT 600 will prevent contamination of the calibrator’s pneumatic

system, improve long-term reliability and reduce maintenance costs. In addition, it prevents dirt or moisture from one device under test being transferred to another via the calibrator.

The IDT 600 has no diaphragm or other internal components that could create a pressure drop and does not affect calibration accuracy.  The unit is simple to dismantle and easy to clean. It should be periodically cleaned to prevent excessive contamination buildup that may overflow into the calibrator.  The top and bottom sections are simply unscrewed, releasing the transparent chamber that is then wiped clean.