Thermocouples - MgO - OVERVIEW
by Pyromation


An MgO thermocouple consists of a thermocouple element encased in a metal sheath and hard-packed with magnesium oxide mineral insulation. Thermocouple sheaths are fully annealed and can be formed into different configurations (minimum bend radius is twice the outer diameter of the sheath). The measuring junction can also be sealed from the environment, reducing the potential for contamination issues.


  • MgO Insulated Thermocouples with Extension Leadwire
  • MgO Insulated Thermocouples with Sheath Terminations
  • Optional Sheath Mounting Fitting and Bends Available
  • Solid and Stranded Conductor Extension Leadwire
  • A Variety of Leadwire Terminations Available
  • Miniature MgO Thermocouples (diameters of 0.032 and 0.040 inches diameter)