MPX4 Multiparameter Sonde - DESCRIPTION

MPX4 Multiparameter Sonde - DESCRIPTION
by In-Situ / ChemScan

The MPX4 is a cost-effective multi-probe that integrates with online plant controls for long-term installation using a local controller, direct connection, and wireless telemetry. The probe replaces multiple instruments with interchangeable sensors, reducing overall monitoring costs, with the highly stable sensors requiring minimal maintenance and calibration. A nice added feature is that the MPX4 probe can also be used for spot-checking using the built-in Bluetooth communications, where data collection is uploaded to an Android or iPhone. 


  • Reduces monitoring costs:  With ultra-stable sensors that minimize calibration and maintenance needs, the multi-probe reduces the total cost of ownership. 
  • Saves hours on fieldwork:  The VuSitu mobile app records data directly from the probe for spot checks. The In-Situ / Partech 7300w2 monitor can interface with the MPX4 directly, providing local display and connection to plant control systems via 4-20 mA process signals or Modbus. Telemetry integration with the HydroVu platform provides real-time access to remote monitoring data. 
  • Delivers higher-quality data: Drift-resistant sensors with simplified calibration provide accurate, reliable data - no messy field notebooks are required. The intuitive handheld app allows for quick and easy operations. Rugged design with an optional anti-fouling wiper ensures performance in harsh environments for more extended deployments. 
  • Ease of use: Streamlined data collection and automatic environmental compensation mean zero processing, while our mobile app lets you tag sites and track GPS coordinates.