MPX4 Multiparameter Sonde - OVERVIEW

MPX4 Multiparameter Sonde - OVERVIEW
by In-Situ / ChemScan


  • Interchangeable sensors with wet-mate connectors
  • Optional 2” antifouling wiper for higher-quality data in long-term deployment
  • Wireless mobile Bluetooth® connection for iOS/Android (VuSitu app)
  • Site tagging and GPS coordinate functions are available via app
  • LCD display gives snapshot of the instrument's health and connectivity
  • Wide sensor range for performance in a variety of applications
  • Barometric environmental compensation; no data post-processing
  • Easy integration with PLC/SCADA control systems, data loggers, and telemetry; no adaptors or confusing communication protocols
  • Innovative pH and ISE reference for 3X sensor stability
  • Corrosion-resistant housing and abrasion-resistant RDO sensor


  • Temperature/Conductivity
  • Pressure
  • Level
  • Salinity
  • pH/ORP
  • Nitrate (NO3-)
  • Fluorescent Dissolved Organic Matter (FDOM)
  • Ammonium (NH4+)
  • Chloride (Cl-)
  • Turbidity
  • Total Suspended Solids
  • Dissolved Oxygen (RDO)
  • Blue Green Algae-Phycocyanin
  • Chlorophyll