OMNIPORT 30 Multifunctional Hand-Held Indicator - OVERVIEW

OMNIPORT 30 Multifunctional Hand-Held Indicator - OVERVIEW
by E+E Elektronik

The numerous probes all incorporate high-quality sensors developed by E+E and offer a total of 23 measurands:

  • Features Continuous and single-point data logging with time and date stamp
  • Internal memory for 2 million measured values
  • 23 physical quantities (vary according to probe)
  • Capacitive TFT touch-screen
  • Up to 3 measurands displayed simultaneously
  • Real-time HOLD / MIN / MAX / AVERAGE readout
  • Data displayed as graphs directly on the device
  • An integrated air pressure sensor
  • USB-connectivity for software updates and data transfer
  • Free data management software
  • User-friendly operation