PDCR 300 Aerospace Pressure Sensor for Test Applications - DESCRIPTION

PDCR 300 Aerospace Pressure Sensor for Test Applications - DESCRIPTION
by Druck

This product provides a premium performance over an expansive temperature range ( ± 3% full scale , over -55˚C to +150˚C). The pressure module, based on  proven in-field aerospace pressure sensor products from Druck, has many thousands of units in service. Although designed for use in aerospace test applications, it follows the same robust qualification process adopted for all Druck aerospace products. 

The process interface and electrical cables ensure that the overall size is minimal. In fact, the PDCR 300 represents the smallest dimensional offering from within the standard Druck pressure sensor product catalog. It is a fully welded stainless steel construction with a robust cable crimp and flying lead for ease of termination. The result is a pressure sensor perfectly suited for aerospace test applications.