PDM75 - Portable DewMaster - Dew Point Hygrometer - ACCESSORIES
by EdgeTech Instruments

EdgeTech - RS232 Cable  (P/N:  RSCBL)
RS-232 Sngle Ended Serial Cable for interface

EdgeTech - USB Cable  (P/N:  USB)
Converts the RS-232 Serial output to USB (includes device plus software- PC compatible)
EdgeTech - DewMaster Serial Output to USB Memory Stick  (P/N:  SERIALDAQ)
Captures serial output from DewMaster to USB Memory Stick
Edgetech - Serial Output to Bluetooth Converter   (P/N:  BTDAQ)
Converts serial output from DewMaster to Bluetooth and captures the data into an EXCEL Spreadsheet on MS Windows 7, 8 or 10 based system.  Requires Customer supplied EXCEL loaded onto their own PC.

EdgeTech -  Filter Kit  (P/N:  FIL)
Filter kit:  includes fittings and additional elements; rated for 0.1 micron particulate



EdgeTech - Extra Filters  (P/N:  DX)
Additional box of filter elements, quantity 3.

EdgeTech - Transport Case (P/N:  CASE1690)
Rugged Transport Case with foam padding.

EdgeTech - Vacuum Pump Sample Module  (P/N:  SMU)
Universal vacuum pump, 115/230 VAC operation.

EdgeTech - Sample Cover  (P/N:  SCOVER)
Sample Cover:  Flow Through Cover for D-Probe, low pressure (near ambient pressure sample gas)

EdgeTech - Cap for S-Type Sensor  (P/N: SC/S)
Screw On Replacement Sensor Cap for the S-Series Chilled Mirror Sensor Type
EdgeTech - Cover for D-Probe Sensor  (P/N: SC/O)
Slide On Replacement Sensor Cap for the D-Probe Chilled Mirror Sensor
EdgeTech - TEC Chiller  (P/N: ETC-10 and ETC-20)
Low Temperature Chiller capable of -10C chilling capacity.
 Starting at: $3,995.00
EdgeTech - CART  (P/N: CART)
Cart Option with 4 wheels.  For use with the DewMaster, and fits either chiller model 601 or model TEC-300 on the bottom shelf.