PDM75 - X3SF Portable DewMaster Dew Point Hygrometer - OVERVIEW

PDM75 - X3SF Portable DewMaster Dew Point Hygrometer - OVERVIEW
by EdgeTech Instruments


  • Rugged, high-impact portable case
  • PRIMARY STANDARD MEASUREMENT:  Sensor utilizes the Chilled Mirror measurement technology
    • Measurement dew point ranges from 60C to 120C below ambient
    • (@25C ambient temperature, indicating dew point measurements as low as from -45C to -95C)
  • Drift free and certified against NIST traceable standards
  • Automatic Balance Cycle (ABC) automatically re-standardizes and corrects for contaminants
  • Two selectable Analog Outputs (4-20 mA , 0-20 mA, 0-5 VDC, 0-10 VDC scaleable)
  • RS-232 Serial Interface
  • Two programmable electrically isolated alarm relays
  • Optional pressure transducer input for psychometric variable measurements
  • Universal VAC power input
  • Easy sensor access and serviceability
  • Multiple interface options are standard
  • Fan or liquid cooled sensors are available for low dew point measurement
  • 3 parameter measurement - dew point, temperature, pressure
  • 8 line LCD, graphic data display, backlit with all 3 parameters displayed simultaneously