CALIBRATION SERVICE - for Trace Moisture Products - OVERVIEW
by Phymetrix

  • Calibration Service is for all brands of trace moisture products:  GE Panametrics, GE General Eastern, Meeco, Michell, Shaw, Vaisala, Xentaur and others...
  • Recommended recalibration period for most manufacturers of trace moisture products (including Phymetrix):  1 year
  • Quick Turnaround - 10 working days
  • Expedited Service Available - 5 working days
  • Calibration with Certification - NIST Traceability
  • Customized Solutions

Phymetrix maintains an environmentally controlled Calibration Lab which is continually monitored for fluctuations in humidity, temperature and dust to ensure constant accuracy of our equipment resulting in precise measurements of your instruments.

The Calibration Lab is equipped with two NIST traceable chilled Mirror devices, RH systems / MBW Model 373LX (-95° C dewpoint to +20° C dewpoint) and Buck Research Model CR-1A (-120° C dewpoint  to +30° C dewpoint); and a proprietary mixing station with a flow control system. The Calibration includes “Before” & “After” points and a Certificate of Conformance to NIST Traceable Calibration Equipment.

The PhyMetrix Technical Support Team will evaluate the status of your Moisture Meter, Dew-pointer, or any other Hygrometer.  Testing in the environmentally controlled Repair Lab will provide product Diagnostics followed by recommended Action Plan.  Upon approval from you, the customer the Action Plan will be implemented.