MIN PT/EL CV Series Miniature Flush-Mount Pressure Transmitters - DESCRIPTION

MIN PT/EL CV Series Miniature Flush-Mount Pressure Transmitters - DESCRIPTION

 by PMC Engineering

Accurately measure pressure, level, and vacuum in processes where clogging of the diaphragm face is a particular concern. The transmitter's small, 1" diameter allows installation flush with the inside wall of pipes 2" in diameter and higher. This feature eliminates the usual pocketing problems encountered with conventional flange-mounted and recessed-diaphragm transmitters. PMC incorporates a high-precision ceramic capacitive pressure sensor to ensure accuracy and durability. This type of sensor is ideally suited for high-wear applications, provides a standard 2-wire 4-20mA output, and provides overpressure protection of up to 10 times the full-scale range. The CV configuration allows customers to specify custom cable lengths with the transmitter, either vented Polyurethane or Teflon FEP. Teflon FEP cable offers improved chemical resistance for more demanding applications.