Sewage Lift Station Kit - SLS01 - DESCRIPTION

Sewage Lift Station Kit - SLS01 - DESCRIPTION

by PMC Engineering

The PMC VersaLine® VL2000 Series submersible level transmitters are specifically designed for use in wastewater, pump/lift station applications. The ceramic capacitive sensing element provides a rugged open face design which avoids clogging or sludge build up from the materials often encountered in wastewater.

The stainless steel construction will satisfy most applications, but an option of Titanium is available where the chemical environments dictate. The Sink weight SW2000 was developed specifically for the VL2000 Series. This provides a “cage” sink weight/anchor for transmitters installed on the bottom of wastewater or sewage lift tanks. PMC’s Termination Enclosure, TE11, houses the MP11 Moisture Protection Reference Volume providing zero maintenance and also the SP10 surge (lightning) protector for connection to the transmitter and external power/output source. The CH10 Cable Hanger provides appropriate support for transmitters hanging in wells/tanks with even up to 5000’ of cable.

These components are now all available as a kit which can be ordered as the SLS01. The only additional information required would be the pressure range and length of cable between the VL2000 sensor and the TE11 Termination Enclosure.