PPM2 Portable Trace Moisture Analyzer - ACCESSORIES

PPM2 Portable Trace Moisture Analyzer - ACCESSORIES
by Edgetech Instruments

EdgeTech - Trace Moisture Sensor  (P/N:  PPM/S)
Includes the P2O5 Dew Point Trace Moisture Sensor with membrane (P/N: WAFER), and the  stainless steel sample chamber (P/N: SC). 

EdgeTech - Sample Chamber (P/N:  SC)
Sample Chamber, flow-through, 316 stainless steel with 1/8" NPT inlet & outlet ports (included with each purchase of a PPM1 or PPM2).

EdgeTech - Spare Moisture Sensor  (P/N:  WAFER)
Consists of the following items:
1) Spare ceramic P2O5 moisture sensor element with mounting hardware (P/N: -W)
2) Membrane replacement piece (P/N: -M)
3) DOES NOT INCLUDE:  Stainless Steel flow-through Sample Chamber (P/N: SC) shown in the picture at left with the cover off.  However, items #1 and 2 fit in the center, as shown in that picture.

EdgeTech - Trace Moisture Sensor Element (P/N:  -W)
Ceramic water replacement P2O5 dew point moisture sensor element, includes mounting hardware. 
EdgeTech - Membrane Replacement (P/N:  -M)
The membrane acts as a filter and flow regulator, used along with the P2O5 ceramic moisture dew point sensor.
EdgeTech - Shipping Case  (P/N:  CASE1550)
Rugged shipping case for transportation of the PPM1