1730 Series Submersible Pressure Sensor - DESCRIPTION

1730 Series Submersible Pressure Sensor - DESCRIPTION
by Druck

     The Druck 1730 Series (PTX 1730 transmitter [4 to 20 mA output] and the PDCR1730 [mV output]) is the latest generation of fully submersible, 316 stainless steel, high performance sensors for measurement of hydrostatic liquid levels.

     The Druck 1730 Series features a Kevlar® strain relieved vented cable, internal condensation protection and an IP68 injection molded cable assembly to ensure sensor operation over an extended lifetime.

     The 1730 Series pressure ranges from 5 to 900 PSI. Accuracy is ±0.25% full scale (FS) best straight line (BSL). The Druck pressure sensors have fully welded 316 stainless steel construction, pulse power operation, polyurethane cable and offer a full range of installation accessories.