UNIK5000 (503X) Submersible Pressure Sensor (Polyurethane Cable) - ACCESSORIES
by Druck

Please consider these optional accessories.

Druck - Sensor Termination Enclosure  (P/N: 202-034-05)
Simple field termination for vented gauge pressure transducers and transmitters.
Prevents water damage caused by moisture or high humidity from forming inside vented gauge pressure sensors. 
Indicates when the desiccant is OK or used. When the color is blue, the desiccant is OK; when it is red, it is time to be replaced. Under normal conditions, the desiccant should be changed every 6 to 12 months.

In-Situ - Level BaroTROLL - Precision Pressure Barometer

Accuracy: ±0.05% FS TEB from -5 to 50° C (23 to 122° F).

  • Includes mA, ModBus and SDI-12 Outputs.
  • Eliminates the need for an STE (Sensor Termination Enclosure) for maintenance-free operation.
  • Can be used effectively over 3.5 square mile area and altitude delta of 350 feet with negligible effect on correction factor accuracy (subtracting the barometric reading from an absolute submersible pressure sensor).
Starting at $795.00
Druck - Cable Clamp  (P/N: 192-373-01)
Cable Clamp, fits all Druck Submersible Pressure Level Sensor Cable (1800 Series, UNIK5000, and etc.).
Druck - Sinkweights, 25 mm Diameter (P/N:  222-117-01)
Sink weight for Druck Submersible Pressure Sensors that have 25 mm (1inch) Diameter. Used on the UNIK5000 Series (503X, 504X and 52NX).



Druck - Calibration Adaptors for 25 mm (1 inch) Diameter Sensors

  • G1/4-Male to G1/8-Male (DA2536-1-01)
  • G1/4-Male to 1/8" NPT-Male (DA2536-2-01)

One side of the adaptor is G1/4-Male, which screws into the "PW" pressure port (G1/4-Female) typically used for submersible depth/level applications on the UNIK5000 Series, UNIK5600/5700 Series, and TERPS Series Pressure Sensor Platforms.  The male side of the adaptor is either G1/8-Male (DA2536-1-01) or 1/8" NPT-Male (DA2536-2-01).


Electro-Numerics - Micro Series 1/8 DIN Digital Process Meter

The panel meter supplies power to your pressure sensor, and has options for signal re-transmission, output relays, digital interfaces and more.  Impressive Update Rate for the Micro-P:  60 times per second to the display, and retransmission update rate is 56 times per second (for 60 herz operation).  Meter operates on AC power from 85 to 264Vac.

Starting at:  $118.00