PV624G Portable Hybrid Pressure Controller - OVERVIEW

 PV624G Portable Hybrid Pressure Controller - OVERVIEW
by Druck


  • In-the-field pressure range selection from the GENii PM620/PM620T pressure module family
  • PRESSURE CONTROL: Automatic selection of manual pressure generation, automatic pressure generation or pressure venting with large test volume capability
    • Hybrid pressure generation and control from -0.9barg (-13psig) to 20barg (300psig)
    • Fully automatic pressure generation and control to accurately maintain set-point:
      • 50ppm of PM620 full scale pressure control stability
      • Speed to 20bar setpoint (20ml volume)
      • 0 barg to 2barg (30psig) +/-50ppm into 15ml volume <15sec
      • 0 barg to 20barg (300psig) +/-50ppm into 50ml volume <90sec
    • Built-in barometer to enable accurate pseudo pressure measurements
      • Barometer pressure range is 800 to 1100 mbar
      • Barometer accuracy is <0.5 mbar total uncertainty
      • Barometer stability is <0.33 mbar total drift per year
    • Minimize in-the-field leaks with quick-fit pressure adapters
    • Physical or *Bluetooth® wireless connection to a DPI620G electrical calibrator
    • In-the-field rechargeable battery pack replacement
    • Autonomous calibration wizard stores procedures and calibration data