PV621-IS, PV622-IS, PV623-IS Pressure Generation Stations - ACCESSORIES

PV621-IS, PV622-IS, PV623-IS Pressure Generation Stations - ACCESSORIES
by Druck

The PV62X is a modular unit, and these additional items can be added at any time to enhance the features of your unit. Some might be required for the operation of your product, and some may not. We strongly advise that you carefully consider each item for purchase unless you already own a suitable alternative.


Druck Pressure Station Carrying Case (P/N:  IO620-CASE-3-IS)

Druck - PV62X-IS Pressure Station Case(Ex) (P/N: IO620-CASE-3-IS)

Holds one PV62X-IS pressure station, a DPI620 Genii-IS, an MC620-IS and test leads.

Druck Modular System Transit Case  (P/N:  IO620-CASE-4)
Druck - Modular System Transit Case for DPI 620 Series (P/N: IO620-CASE-4)


Druck Blanking Plug  (P/N:  IO620-BLANK)

Druck - PV621/622 Blanking Plug (P/N:  IO620-BLANK)


Druck Pressure Adapator Sets  (P/N:  IO620-MET, IO620-NPT, IO620-BSB)

Druck - QUICK-FIT Pressure Adaptor Sets (P/N: IO620-NPT, -BSP, -MET)
A set of pressure port test point adaptors connect to the tool less quick fit connectors of the PV 62X, MC620 and extension hoses.

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Druck Comparator Adaptor  (P/N:  IO620-COMP)

Druck - Comparator Adaptor  (P/N:  IO620-COMP-NEW)
Allows the PV 62X pressure station to be used as a comparator.

Druck Hydraulic Hose Kit  (P/N:  IO620-HOSE-H1-IS, IO620-Hose-H2-IS)

Druck - Intrinsic Safe Hydraulic Hose Kits (P/N: IO620-HOSE-H1-IS, H2-IS)

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Druck Pneumatic Hose Kit  (P/N:  IO620-HOSE-P1-IS, IO620-HOSE-P2-IS)

Druck - Intrinsic Safe Pneumatic Hose Kits (P/N:  IO620-HOSE-P1-IS, P2-IS)

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Druck Pressure Relief Valves  (P/N:  IO620-PRV-XX)

Druck - Pressure Relief Valves  (P/N:  IO620-PRV-X)


Druck Mains Adapter  (IO620-PSU)
Druck - Universal Power Charger for Portable Calibrators (P/N:  IO620-PSU) $109.00