SenSmart 6300M Millenium IR Combustible Gas Detector - GAS SENSOR TECHNOLOGIES USED 
by RC Systems

RC Systems’ state-of-the-art SenSmart 5300M, 5400M and 6300M, 6400M Millenium IR gas sensor utilizes RC Systems innovative ST-44 transmitter, featuring a vivid, full-color display and embedded Ethernet with Webserver and Modbus TCP. This high performance universal gas detector supports infrared sensors.

Microprocessor-based SenSmart gas detectors are ideal for harsh environments where conventional catalytic detectors are prohibited. These intelligent, infrared gas detectors perform reliably in the presence of silicone and other catalyst-poisoning agents. They can operate at full capacity in oxygen-free environments or those where high background gas levels are present.

Infrared Gas Sensor (IR)

Infrared detectors are based on the principle of infrared absorption by gas molecules at specific wavelengths in the infrared region. The sensor utilizes an infrared lamp source and dual detectors; active and reference. The active detector is covered by an optical filter that allows transmission of infrared radiation at a specified wavelength where the target gas is known to absorb. The reference element is covered by a filter that transmits wavelengths outside the absorption band. This arrangement provides compensation for normal changes in lamp intensity over time. The infrared detector can be supplied for hydrocarbon (LEL), carbon dioxide or refrigerant (R134a, R125) measurement. Unlike catalytic sensors for hydrocarbon detection, the infrared sensor is unaffected by catalytic inhibitors and poisons.