SenSmart 1000 Series Fixed Gas Detector - OVERVIEW

SenSmart 1000 Series Fixed Gas Detector - OVERVIEW
by RC Systems

With no display, the RC Systems’ SenSmart 1000 Series gas detector is a low-cost solution. It accepts Electrochemical (ER), Infrared (IR) and Catalytic (CAT) sensor types and is suitable for Division 1 and Division 2 hazardous areas. It is typically installed as an intrinsically safe device with a barrier or explosion-proofed for NEMA 7 installations.

Sensor Data Access: Because it has no display, you will not have the crucial features available that the other models with displays offer (SenSmart 4000/5000/6000 and 7000). Please note that alarm set-points, sensor calibration data, sensor temperature compensation profile, span adjustment settings, sensor life remaining, and smart field calibrations will not be accessible, allowing no adjustments to be made.

 PARAMETER SenSmart 1000 SenSmart 4000 SenSmart 5000 SenSmart 6000
SenSmart 7000
Display Type No Display LCD (not backlit) Backlit LCD Vivid QVGA backlit color TFT display

LCD (battery powered)

Backlit LCD
(external power only)

4-20 mA Output

2-Wire (Standard for EC Sensors  only)

(Bridge Output only for IR and Cat Sensors)

2-Wire (Standard) 3-Wire (Standard) 3-Wire (Standard) No
ModBus No No
Option No
Relays No No Option Option No
Ethernet No No No Yes, Standard Feature No
Wireless Capabilty? No No No No Yes
FHSS 900 MHz or 2.4 GHz
Sensors (smart)
EC Sensors Only All:  EC, CAT, IR, PID
All:  EC, CAT, IR, PID
EC and low power IR
Sensor Data Access Locally
No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Sensor Remote Capability
No 15 feet max 4000 feet max 4000 feet max 15 feet max
Dual Sensors? No No No Option Option