Sample Draw System for Gas Detectors - OVERVIEW

Sample Draw System for Gas Detectors - OVERVIEW
by RC Systems


  • Class 1, Division 2 Rated for Sampling from a Class 1 Division 1 Area
  • FM Listed for NFPA 820 Compliance
  • Pumped or Air Aspirated Versions
  • Flow Sensor with Relay that Fails Safe
  • Internal Power Switch and Flow Adjust
  • 24 VDC Power Source for Gas Detectors
  • Fiberglass Wall-mount Enclosure


Do not use for Acid gases such as Cl2, ClO2, HCl, HF, HCN, NO2, SO2 and others since the PPM gases are absorbed by the tubing, moisture and various wetted parts slowing or completely eliminating response to the target gas. Do not attempt to use below freezing without heat tracing and a means to keep the system above 32⁰F (0⁰ C). Excessive condensation will occur when sampling from a higher to a lower temperature.