RDO Blue Dissolved Oxygen Probe - ACCESSORIES

RDO Blue Dissolved Oxygen Probe - ACCESSORIES
by In-Situ

In-Situ - RDO Air-Blast Guard (P/N:  0103000)
The RDO Air-Blast Guard is used to remove biological growth from the RDO sensor with a quick blast of compressed air.


In-Situ - RDO Calibration Kit (P/N:  0101540)
Calibration cup and sponges to perform RDO Blue calibration.

In-Situ - RDO Antifouling Guard (P/N: 0103010)
Prevent biofouling and ensure accurate DO readings with the RDO Antifouling Guard. Just thread the guard onto the instrument for reliable protection.


In-Situ - RDO Standard Guard Replacement Kit  (P/N:  0102930)

Secure the RDO Blue's sensor with a standard guard. This kit includes one replacement guard and a set of O-rings.