Eagle 2 Portable Multi Gas Detector - ACCESSORIES

Eagle 2 Portable Multi Gas Detector - ACCESSORIES
by RKI Instruments


Ni-MH-SizeC Battery

RKI Instruments - NiMH Batteries, C Size  (P/N 49-1330RK)

Four batteries are required for the Eagle 2.

$13.00 (for one battery)
12VDC continuous operations power adaptor

RKI Instruments - 12 VDC, with cigarette lighter plug, EAGLE 2 (batteries not included) (P/N 49-2176RK)

Charge time 4 hours

Battery Charger for Ni-MH batteries
RKI Instruments - Battery Charger, 100-240 VAC, with 4 C size Ni-MH Batteries, Field Installed (P/N 49-2175RK-02)

Field installed, added to EAGLE 2 after initial purchase of your Eagle 2. Charge time 4 hours
AC Adaptor, Continuous operation
RKI Instruments - Battery Charger, 100-240 VAC (batteries not included)  (P/N 49-2175RK)
For continuous operation without batteries
Eagle 2 Hoses
RKI Instruments - Extension Hoses for Eagle/Eagle 2  (P/N 80-0505RK - 80-0599RK-125)
Choose lengths from 5 feet up to 125 feet, polyurethane (for standard gases only), with 1641 fittings
Starting at $40.00