EAGLE™ Portable Gas Monitor - DESCRIPTION

EAGLE™ Portable Gas Monitor - DESCRIPTION
by RKI Instruments

The EAGLE portable gas monitor provides simultaneous detection of up to 6 different gases. It offers the flexibility you need with over 400 gas monitoring configurations to detect a wide range of toxic gases. A powerful, long-life pump (over 6,000 hours) can draw samples over 125 feet at a flow rate of approximately 2.0 SCFH. The EAGLE is quick to respond and recover from even distant sampling locations, even draw from areas with negative internal pressure.

The EAGLE will continuously operate for over 30 hours on alkaline batteries or 18 hours on Ni-Cads. Many accessories are also available to help satisfy almost any application. These include long sample hoses (up to 125 feet), unique float probes for tank testing, continuous operation adapters, remote alarms and strobes, and dilution fittings, to name a few.

With its ergonomic design and large glove-friendly buttons, the EAGLE offers easy access to controls such as auto-calibration, alarm silence, demand zero, peak hold, and a wide variety of other features. Each channel has two-alarm levels plus TWA and STEL alarms for toxic channels. The two-alarm levels are user adjustable and can be latching or self-resetting. Rugged, reliable, easy to operate and maintain, the EAGLE is the solution for just about any portable gas monitoring situation.