RPT 410 Barometric Pressure Sensing Platform - DESCRIPTION

RPT 410 Barometric Pressure Sensing Platform - DESCRIPTION
by Druck

The RPT 410 Resonant Silicon Pressure Transducer (RPT) utilizes Druck's resonant silicon technology that has been field proven in many applications in air data flight and test, precision portable and bench calibrators, and high performance wind tunnels. The multi-layer sensor structure consists of a resonator and pressure sensitive diaphragm micro-machined from single-crystal silicon, thus achieving the highest level of performance stability. The sensor is available with either a voltage or frequency output proportional to the barometric pressure range. Microprocessor based thermal error correction assures accurate performance over a wide temperature range. An external trigger feature allows the device to be "shut down", thus conserving power in remote battery operated installations. Druck's RPT410 is ideally suited for weather stations monitoring atmospheric trends, engine test cells, data buoys, ships ballast systems, as well as a highly stable barometric pressure reference transfer standard.