Model SDHmini Portable Sample System (SDHPSS) - DESCRIPTION
by Shaw Moisture Meters

The Shaw Moisture Meters SDHmini Portable Sample System is designed to provide ideal sampling conditions for dewpoint measurement.  This unit is an effective, self-contained sampling system, which ensures that the sample pressure and flow are suitable for dewpoint measurement.

Simple to setup and install, the SDHmini Portable Sample System is fully configurable with options for a filter and pressure regulator on a chassis made from high quality 304 stainless steel and has been specifically designed to condition pressurized gas samples up-to a maximum of 2,900PSI (200barg) for use with the SDHmini instrument range - standard, logging and intrinsically safe.

The SDHmini Portable Sample System comes complete with flow indicator, inlet and outlet connections, carrying case, and instruction manual.