AcuLoop Plug In Display - DESCRIPTION

AcuLoop Plug In Display - DESCRIPTION
by Shaw Moisture Meters


The AcuLoop is a 2-wire, 4-20 mA loop-powered display and works with all of the Shaw dewpoint transmitters (AcuDew and SDT-Ex).

Easy to install and lightweight, this large, four-digit LED plug-in display fits nicely on the body of the AcuDew or the SDT-Ex dewpoint transmitters. Whether installed horizontally or vertically, the AcuLoop plug-in display is rotatable for optimum viewing. Orientation is adjustable to 210 degrees on its stem and 360 degrees (at four x 90 degrees increments) on its axis.

The AcuLoop connects via the robust M12 connector of the AcuDew or SDT-Ex dewpoint transmitters, loop-powered through the AcuLoop display module.

The 4-20 mA span is fully programmable to correspond with any dewpoint range and configured using the two-button layout on the display. When paired with the AcuDew or SDT-Ex, various dewpoint ranges are available, covering ranges from -120 °C to +20 °C (-148 °F to +68 °F) dewpoint. The units available for display are °C dewpoint, °F dewpoint, ppm(v), or ppb(v).

Self-contained, robust, and reliable with a weatherproof classification of IP65, this display is ideal for use in a wide range of industrial environments where local indication is required.