Dewpoint Sensor - ACCESSORIES

Dewpoint Sensor - ACCESSORIES
by Shaw Moisture Meters

Shaw - SU4 Sample System
Designed to reduce the dryer/process line pressure, providing pressure and flow suitable for measurement. The inlet and outlet fittings are stainless steel. Choose connection size (⅛ NPT, ¼ NPT or 6 mm).

    Shaw - Dew Point Sensor Holder
    Made from solid stainless steel and houses the dewpoint sensor in inline installations. The unit has a design pressure rating of 400 bar (6000 psi) and can be supplied oxygen cleaned, if required.
    Starting at: $115.00

    Shaw - Model SDHmini Portable Hygrometer

    A portable dewpoint hygrometer offers quick and reliable spot-check measurements of dewpoint and trace moisture content for industrial applications.

    Starting at: $5,000.00

    Shaw - Model SADP Portable Dewpoint Meter

    Battery powered, compact, portable dewpoint meter incorporating the unique SHAW automatic calibration feature and desiccant dry-down technology.


    Shaw - Superdew 3 Hygrometer Kit

    Single-channel inline hygrometer housed in a panel-mounted IP54 enclosure is designed to measure dewpoint in process gases and compressed air. Connects to the "The SHAW Moisture Sensor" (but not the Acudew or SDH-Ex).