SU4 Dew Point Sample System - ACCESSORIES

SU4 Dew Point Sample System - ACCESSORIES
by Shaw Moisture Meters

Shaw - Dew Point Sensor Holder
Made from solid stainless steel and houses the dewpoint sensor in inline installations. The unit has a design pressure rating of 400 bar (6000 psi) and can be supplied oxygen cleaned, if required.
Starting at: $250.00
Shaw - Flow Meter (P/N:  FLMET)
Model FLMET flow meter provides a visual indication and fine control of sample flow. The unit is calibrated for the range 1 to 10 L/min air at normal temperature and pressure.
Shaw - Flow Meter (P/N: FLMET)
Shaw - Filter Unit (P/N: FILTER)
An effective device for removing particulate contamination from sample gases.
Starting at:  $775.00