SU4 Dew Point Sample System - DESCRIPTION

SU4 Dew Point Sample System - DESCRIPTION
by Shaw Moisture Meters

The Shaw Moisture Meters Model SU4 sample conditioning unit, designed to reduce the dryer/process line pressure, provides pressure and flow suitable for measurement.

The system is designed for gas or general compressed air sampling, allowing the sensor to operate at atmospheric pressure. It combines a pressure reduction control, sensor holder, and a flow meter for up to 10 liters per minute (although 1 – 2 liters is usual for continuous use).
The SU4 is suitable for wall mounting, comprising a pressure regulator, flow indicator, and sensor holder mounted on a stove-enameled backplate. For accurate and consistent sampling, it conditions the sample gas flow to the required 2 – 10 liters per minute at near atmospheric pressure. Pneumatic connections with a choice of ¼”, ⅛” or 6 mm compression fittings are available, if required, for inlet and outlet.