SWS-SD3 Weatherproof Gas and Air Sample System - DESCRIPTION

SWS-SD3 Weatherproof Gas and Air Sample System - DESCRIPTION
by Shaw Moisture Meters

The SWS-SD3 Sampling System, designed for gas or general compressed air sampling, provides ideal sampling conditions for the SuperDew 3 dew point meter and the dewpoint sensor for its measurements.

Housed in an IP65 weatherproof cabinet, the Model SWS-SD3 combines pressure regulation, filtration, and flow control. The dewpoint meter and dewpoint sensor are housed inside the cabinet, protecting them from the elements.

Electrical connections are through 1 x STB 16 gland (mains) and 3 x M13 glands (signal lines) to terminal rail. Pneumatic connections to 3 x ¼” NPT bulkhead fittings with a choice of ¼”, ⅛” or 6 mm compression fittings if required.