SWS-SD3 Weatherproof Gas and Air Sample System - OVERVIEW

SWS-SD3 Weatherproof Gas and AirSample System - OVERVIEW
by Shaw Moisture Meters

  • Allows the dewpoint sensor to operate at atmospheric pressure
  • 1% accuracy across meter range – for sensor accuracy see Dewpoint Sensor or download Dewpoint Sensor Specification Sheet
  • Designed for gas or general compressed air sampling
  • Dewpoint meter and dewpoint sensor protected from the elements when housed inside the cabinet
  • Sampling options: Input pressure (pr): Up to 200 bar/2900 psi (Med), 400 bar/5800 psi (Hi)
  • Combines pressure regulation, filtration and flow control
  • Overall dimensions: 400 mm/15.75" (W) x 400 mm/15.75" (H) x 200 mm/7.875" (D) 
  • Weight: 11.3 kg/24.9 lbs approximately
  • P65 weatherproof
  • Wall or pedestal mounting
  • Choice of compression fittings – ¼”, ⅛” or 6 mm