TC Series Dry Block / Liquid Bath Temperature Calibrators - DESCRIPTION

TC Series Dry Block / Liquid Bath Temperature Calibrators - DESCRIPTION
by Druck

Accurate temperature measurement is essential for maintaining product quality, process efficiency, regulatory compliance and operational safety in industrial processes. High-performance, stable temperature sources are the solution for achieving optimal performance of temperature sensors and process instrumentation, by providing reference temperatures for checking and calibrating these devices. The Dry Block and Liquid Bath Temperature Calibrators provide solutions for testing temperature devices over a range of temperatures from -35°C to 650°C (-30°F to 1200°F), with a choice of dry block and liquid bath configurations to accommodate virtually any type, shape and size of sensor.

The design philosophy is one of simplification, simplifying the complex arts and skills of temperature calibration to provide instrument technicians with a highly accurate yet simple-to-use, temperature reference.