TEK-CLAMP 1200A-100H Hand Held Ultrasonic Flow Meter - DESCRIPTION

TEK-CLAMP 1200A-100H Hand Held Ultrasonic Flow Meter - DESCRIPTION
by Tek-Trol

The Tek-Clamp 1200A Series of Ultrasonic Clamp-On Flow Meters is designed to measure the fluid velocity of liquid in a full or closed pipe and is easy to install and use. It operates utilizing the difference in the measured Transit Time of Flight. It determines the flow velocity by measuring the travel time of a pulse from one transducer to the next. Flow in the same direction takes less time to travel to the second transducer than flow in the opposite direction. Electroacoustic transducers receive and emit brief ultrasonic pulses through the liquid of the pipe. The transducers are vertically placed at both sides of the measured pipe and fastened employing a clamp. The display will quickly show the flow velocity.


  • Better than ±1.0% accuracy.
  • Pipe diameters from 1” to 28”.
  • Protection class: IP67 for Flow Transducer.
  • 4×4 key Touch Membrane Keypad.
  • 3 AAA built-in Ni-MH batteries 1.2V(for over 12 hours of operation). 90V-260V AC Adapter.
  • 4×16-character LCD with backlight.


  • Power plants
  • Water and Waste Water treatment plants
  • Mining and metallurgy plants
  • Petroleum process monitoring and control
  • Chemical process monitoring and control