Tek-Clamp 1200A-100M Low Cost DIN Mount Flow Meter - OVERVIEW

Tek-Clamp 1200A-100M Low Cost DIN Mount Flow Meter - OVERVIEW
by Tek-Trol

The Tek-Clamp 1200A-100M modular ultrasonic flow meter can work without an LCD and Keypad module. So, the module can be used alone as a flow meter. Users can even integrate a number of the modules into a multi-channel flow meter that can measure different pipes—designed to provide high performance at a lower cost.

Model Number OVERVIEW:

PARAMETER: Tek-Clamp 1200A-100M
Accuracy Better than ±1% accuracy
LCD Display 2 x 20 LCD Display
Size Pipe diameters from ½” to 200″
Protection Category IP57
Output Signal Modbus RS485, 4-20 mA, and Pulse
Power Supply 8-36VDC
Keypad 4 key tactile-feedback membrane keypad