Tel-DP 1610D Series Integral Orifice Assemblies - OVERVIEW

Tel-DP 1610D Series Integral Orifice Assemblies - OVERVIEW
by Tek-Trol

When combined with a transmitter to measure liquid, gas, or steam flow, this device measures flow accurately and is designed to facilitate highly accurate flow measurement in small line sizes, i.e., ½” to 1 ½” (15 to 40 mm).  It includes built-in flow calculations for fully compensated mass flow measurements. The Integral Orifice assembly provides easy installation and eliminates unnecessary pipe penetrations for an integrated, trouble-free solution. The all-welded design offers accurate measurements in harsh environments and applications, achieving high-accuracy measurements when equipped with associated piping.


  • Process-wetted materials available for use with both corrosive and noncorrosive fluids
  • Various process pipe-end connections available
  • For use with any differential pressure transmitter having standard process connections
  • Transmitter can be either integrally coupled or remotely connected
  • TEK-TROL recommends a 3-Valve Manifold for mounting between the Model TEK-DP 1610D Integral Orifice Assemblies and transmitter
  • Process-wetted material meets NACE Standard MR-01-75
  • Self-centering orifice plate design
  • No-flow-through transmitter body
  • Orifice plate manufacture is consistent with ASME, ISO, and AGA-3 standards