Tek-DP 1610H Series Wafer Style Orifice PlateERIES  - OVERVIEW
by Tek-Trol

The Tek-DP 1610H Series Wafer Style Orifice Plate is a complete package of flow metering. Made of stainless steel, it has a unique holder and a ring containing metering taps and gaskets for connection to a multi-variable pressure or pressure transmitter. Specially designed for conventional flow applications, this device is cost-effective and highly efficient. It is available in various line sizes (1/2″ to 24″) and meets ASME, AGA, and ISO standards. Installation is a breeze by slipping the self-centering unit between standard 150-# flanges.

The primary applications for the Tek-DP 1610H Series Wafer Style Orifice Plate are for gases, liquids, corrosives, and high-temperature fluids. The Wafer Style Orifice Plate has various bore styles, including concentric, eccentric, segmental, quadrant edge, and multiple bore. The solid-state PVC construction orifice plate eliminates the resting and plugging of the sensing port. It's available without a bevel, accommodating bi-directional flow. It ensures accuracy while eliminating the inside diameter of the pipe. A simple orifice device is available for cast iron piping without welding. This device eliminates potential flange rating mismatches and does not need additional centering devices. Ideal for lightweight duct measurement, it is widely used in industry for energy efficiency applications, along with low-viscosity fluids, gases containing liquids, and limited pipe run applications.