TEK-FLUX 1400B Series Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter - SPECIFICATIONS

TEK-FLUX 1400B Series Insertion Electromagnetic Flow Meter - SPECIFICATIONS
by Tek-Trol

Nominal Diameter 4″ to 80″
Working Process Pressure 250 psi
Electrode Material Hastelloy C
Wetted Material 316 SS, Hastelloy C, PTFE
Flow Sensor Rating IP66, NEMA4X
Minimum Liquid Conductivity 10µ siemens
Accuracy of Measured Value ±1% of span
Repeatability ±0.2% of Span
Measuring Range 0.65 to 39 ft/sec Bi-directional
Display Version Integral
Display Type 16 characters x 2 row LCD, 5 Digit Flow rate and 8 Digit Totalizer
Units Flow Rate Totalizer
LPS, LPM, LPH, LPD Mlps, Mlpm, Mlph, Mlpd cc/s, cc/m, cc/h, cc/d m3/s, m3/m, m3/h, m3/d kg/s, kg/m, kg/h, kg/d t/s, t/m, t/h, t/d gps, gpm, gph, gpd Mgps, Mgpm, Mgph, Mgpd lgps, lgpm, lgph, lgpd lMgps, lMgpm, lMgph, lMgpd ft3/s, ft3/m, ft3/h, ft3/d lb/s, lb/m, lb/h, lb/d bbl/d, bbl/h, bbl/s L, Ml, m³ Ml L, Ml, cc, m³ L, Ml, m³ kg, t T G, ft³ Mg lg, ft³ lMg g, lg, ft³ lb bbl
Current Output 4 to 20 mA and Pulse
Digital Output Modbus RS485 or HART
Power Supply 18 to 60 VDC or 80 to 300 VAC
Electrical Connection 1/2″ NPT
Operating Temperature -20°F to 250°F (-28°C to 120°C)
Process Connection 1.5” MNPT or 2” Weldolet