by Tek-Trol

Tek-Wave 4300C Free Space Radar Level Transmitter is a 26GHz high-frequency radar-type level measuring instrument capable of measuring depths up to 90 feet. Best for measuring solids and low dielectric constant mediums, this device is easy to install with a horn that fits in a 2” NPT. Optimizing the antenna allows for complex measurement conditions due to a fast microprocessor, enabling rapid processing of data and signal analysis. Consequently, the 4300C is not affected by foam, changes in water vapor, temperature, or pressure. Its shorter wavelength provides good reflection on sloping surfaces and the slight beam angle (18°) concentrates the energy beam, enhancing the echo ability and avoiding interference. Smaller measurement blind areas help to achieve good results for small tank measurements.


  • Non-contact radar without wear and pollution
  • Hardly affected by corrosion, foam, and changes in water vapor, including temperature and pressure in the atmosphere
  • Minimal influence in severe dust environments
  • Shorter wavelength
  • Better reflection when inclined solid surface
  • Small beam angle and energy concentrated
  • Enhanced echo ability, avoiding interference
  • Smaller measurement blind area
  • High signal-to-noise ratio
  • Achieves better performance, even in the case of fluctuation
  • High frequency is the best choice for measuring solid and low dielectric constant medium