Gas/Water Test Gauges - OVERVIEW

Gas/Water Test Gauges - OVERVIEW
by Trerice

Trerice Gas and Water Test Gauges are integral tools for passing building inspections.  Once the system has been pressurized, any leaks are visible as a pressure drop on the dial of the Gas Test Gauge.  The Water Test Gauge has a 3/4 NPT hose bib connection mounted at 12 o’clock for easy viewing and accurately measures in-line water pressure.  A maximum register pointer is available on either gauge having a dial range of 60 psi or greater. 

    • Dial Size:
      • Gas Test: 2" (50mm)
      • Water Test: 2 ½" (63mm)
    • Wetted Parts:  bronze tube, lead-free (PBF) brass socket
    • Connection:
      • Gas Test: ¾ NPT female
      • Water Test: ¾ female hose-bib connection, 12 o'clock mount
    • Case:  Steel, black painted
    • Ring: Steel, black painted
    • Window: Acrylic
    • Pointer: Steel, black painted, adjustable via screw on dial face
    • Accuracy 3-2-3%, Grade B
    • Maximum Temperature: 150°F (65°C)