Threaded-NPT Diaphragm Seals - APPLICATIONS

Threaded-NPT Diaphragm Seals - APPLICATIONS
by Trerice

The selection of the proper diaphragm seal is the sole responsibility of the user. Temperature and pressure limitations must be considered!

To help you with this, please follow the link:  Diaphragm Seals - Design & Operation (by Trerice).

Please beware that the improper application may cause the failure of the seal, resulting in possible personal injury or property damage.
For correct use and application of all diaphragm seals, the 1991 publication by the ASME, the "Diaphragm Seal Standard ASME B40.2" has been revised, and combined into a new edition, the "ASME B40.100-2013 Pressure Gauges, and Gauge Attachments".  The document costs money (as of August 2023 it is $165.00), and is available through the ASME in hardcopy or downloadable to pdf.  The link is here: