UNIK5000 (503X) Submersible Pressure Sensor (Polyurethane Cable) - DESCRIPTION

UNIK5000 (503X) Submersible Pressure Sensor (Polyurethane Cable) - DESCRIPTION
by Druck

The UNIK503X is identical to the UNIK504X, except for the cable material sheathing.  The UNIK503X uses vented polyurethane cable, while the UNIK504X uses vented Hytrel® 6108 cable (hydrocarbon resistant). Both are attached to the transducer body, providing a high integrity, waterproof assembly.

The cable is strengthened with Kevlar, ensuring that there is no measurable elongation when the cable is lowered into deep wells.  Depending up on the user's specific needs, the UNIK503X and UNIK504X sensors possess multiple lengths of cable, ranging from 3 feet (included) up to 600 feet (maximum).

The GE Druck UNIK503X and UNIK504X (X = electrical output per option code) are stainless steel Submersible Pressure Transmitters, specifically designed for level and depth measurements. These sensors are ideal for use in municipal water supply wells, rivers, lakes, reservoirs, leachate wells, irrigation projects and other similar applications.

 This advanced micro-machined silicon piezo resistive pressure sensor provides excellent performance and resistance to shock and vibration.  With an operating range from 1 to 10,000 psi (2.31 to 23,066.59 FT H2O), these sensors are easily customizable for specific needs.  The UNIK503X and UNIK504X pressure sensors offer three levels of accuracy:  ±0.20%, ±0.10% and ±0.04% of full-scale range.