VuLink Data Logger and Global Telemetry Device - DESCRIPTION

VuLink Data Logger and Global Telemetry Device - DESCRIPTION
by In-Situ

One-Press Setup

VuLink autodetects any In-Situ device with one button press or scheduled report. Icons indicate battery life, instrument connection, network connection and HydroVu connection.

 In-Well Mounting
The cost to install a pole for device mounting is typically more than the cost of an entire In-Situ telemetry and level monitoring system. Save time and money by installing the VuLink inside a 2-inch/50 mm well with standard well caps and casings to keep it secure and hidden from view.
Free Global Cellular Data
VuLink CI offers free data for life, right out of the box, no set-up required. Forget about provisioning SIM cards and checking multiple systems for data usage; VuLink and HydroVu promise free transmissions of a limited number of parameters and readings once per day. Upgrade for a small monthly fee to increase parameters and readings.
 Extended Battery Life
VuLink CI provides two-to-five times the battery life of similar devices. M1/NB-IoT offers extraordinary power savings. With faster reporting rates, VuLink offers exponential savings, providing more than two years of battery life at 15-minute reporting. Widely available alkaline and lithium primary batteries are supported.

Enhanced In-Device Alarms
VuLink supports using a different reading and report schedule when in an alarm state. This enables VuLink to conserve battery and bandwidth when everything is normal, while getting a real-time response for critical events.

Continuous GPS
In-Situ's cloud-based logging software, HydroVu, uses VuLink’s GPS to automatically locate and mark devices on maps, syncing devices and locations, increasing data quality, and making it easier to track free-floating buoys.

Complete Monitoring Solution
In-Situ’s complete monitoring solution, with HydroVu, In-Situ telemetry, and In-Situ instrumentation works better than any pieced-together solution. In-Situ performs comprehensive, end-to-end integration testing. In the event that a problem occurs, our Tech Support team will be available to support the whole system.

Enhanced Reliability
VuLink is completely sealed and designed to be submersed in water. A new innovative design for venting allows desiccant-free operation with non-vented and vented instrumentation. Ryton construction holds up to 280 pounds and firmware can be updated over the air.

VuSitu Mobile App
Use VuSitu to perform advanced set-up on your iOS or Android device. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communications support connection without pairing or cables. Beacon Mode BLE communications lets you connect to VuLink and connected instruments without physical access.

Barometric Compensation
Automated barometric compensation removes the effects of atmospheric pressure changes to improve system accuracy. Save time and potential for error vs. manual correction.