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About Aerospace Pressure Sensors

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Druck offers customers the choice of several categories of Aerospace Pressure Sensors, as follows:

1) OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) - Aerospace Pressure Sensors:
 GE Druck - PTX/PMP 3000 Series Aerospace Pressure Sensing Platform

All analog design.  Typically used in volume production by aerospace manufacturing companies.  Each  Aerospace Pressure Sensor is customized for a specific application for the customer, ie landing gear hydraulic systems, cabin pressure / emergency oxygen systems, auxiliary power units, jet engines, braking systems, flight control and many other applications. 

OEM Aerospace Pressure Sensors are also manufactured to extremely stringent standards. For example, the GE Druck PTX/PMP 3000 Series has:

  • Every pressure module temperature cycled to enhance long-term stability prior to installation of surface mount signal conditioning electronics. The electronics control and regulate the supply voltage to the strain gauge bridge and provide a high level output proportional to the applied pressure. Temperature signals, taken directly from the silicon sensing element, allow the bridge output to be corrected for changes in balance and sensitivity due to temperature change. Integral protection circuitry includes an array of in-line filters, providing a low impedance path to case at high frequencies.
  • All supply lines are protected against reverse polarity and signal lines against high voltage transients, resulting in compliance with stringent EMI and lightning requirements.
  • The pressure sensing module and electronics are housed within the case assembly which, together with pressure and electrical connectors, is fully electron beam welded to ensure high reliability.
  • All wetted and external surfaces are manufactured from stainless steel or hastelloy.
  • Prior to acceptance testing, all transducers are environmentally stress screened to optimize long-term performance and to remove premature failures.
  • FLIGHT CERTIFIED:  The PMP/PTX 3000 Series is FAA/CAA flight certified, qualified to the requirements of JTSO C47 and RTCA/ DO-160.
  • It meets the demands of even the harshest environment and offers an affordable measurement solution with minimal technical risk.

2)  Aerospace Pressure Sensors (for ground and flight test)
Druck - PMP 3700 Series Aerospace Pressure Sensing Platform

Digitally compensated temperature compensation is the main difference between an Aerospace Pressure Transducer designed for testing applications (i.e. the GE Druck PMP3700 Series) verses Aerospace Pressure Transducers for OEM applications (i.e. the GE Druck 3000 Series).  Nevertheless, the 3700 Series maintains most of the design features of the 3000 Series.

The 3700 Series is typically used by Aerospace Test Engineers that need most of the robust design ingredients of a a OEM pressure transducer, but to be used in aerospace TEST applications.  The 3700 Series cannot be used for aerospace OEM's because the sensor uses a microprocessor for internal temperature compensation, rather than analog temperature compensation.  OEM sensors must have all components traceable in case of failure, and digitally compensated sensors use internal software code that has not been officially certified for flight use by the FAA and other bureaus worldwide.  However the 3700 is very close in performance to the 3000 Series OEM pressure sensor with much shorter leadtimes as well.  This makes it an ideal choice for Aerospace Test Engineers that need the performance of an OEM Aerospace Pressure Sensor for flight test applications, or for OEM's that do not require the flight certification offered by OEM pressure sensors such as the GE Druck 3000 Series.

3)  Industrial Pressure Sensors - (for ground and flight test)
Druck - UNIK 5000 Series Industrial High Performance Pressure Sensing Platform

Industrial pressure sensing platform, all analog design but not tested to the same standards for as either the Aerospace OEM or Aerospace Test Pressure sensors.  However, due to the very affordable pricing and excellent delivery times (3 weeks or less) it has become a very poplular option for many aerospace testing applications.

4)  Multi-Channel Aerospace Pressure Scanning Systems
Druck - MPS Druck Multi Pressure Scanner (To be released late 2017)

The GE Sensing MPS 64 Multi-Pressure System measures 64 differential pneumatic pressures and converts the measurements into digital data. It transmits the data in ARINC 429 format (High Speed) to the aircraft system.