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Pressure Platforms (Aerospace)

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Druck - PTX/PMP 3000 Series Aerospace Pressure Sensing Platform
Voltage and current loop output choices, ranges from 340 mbar to 350 bar gauge & absolute, and 340 mbar to 34 bar differential
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$ 1,142.00
Druck - PMP 3700 Series Aerospace Pressure Sensing Platform
Voltage output choices, ranges from 350 mbar to 70 bar gauge, 0-71 bar to 0-350 bar Sealed Gauge, and 0-350 mbar to 0-350 bar Absolute
Starting at:
$ 924.00
Druck - PDCR 300 Aerospace Pressure Sensor for Test Applications
This product represents the smallest dimensional offering from within the Druck pressure sensor catalog, which is perfectly suited for aerospace test applications.
Starting at:
$ 626.00
Druck - UNIK5000 (502X) Pressure Sensor (Raychem Cable)
Stainless Steel body (1" diameter), X = Electrical Output (ten different types). Multiple pressure connectors, hazardous area certifications, and accuracies. Custom cable lengths.
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$ 263.30
Druck - UNIK5000 (506X) Pressure Sensor (MIL-C-26482)
Stainless Steel body (1" diameter) & MIL-C-26482 Electrical Connector. Electrical Output Type (selectable), either mV, voltage output (0-5, 0-10 Vdc etc), or mA. Choose a pressure connector from a list of 32+ types
Starting at:
$ 316.40
Druck - MPS 64 Druck Multi Pressure Scanner
Fully qualified for flight test application on civil and military aircraft, CE marked and ATEX approvals. Up to 64 channels, high accuracy (+/- 0.1% FS)
Starting at:
$ 5,000.00