DPI 611 Handheld Pressure Calibrator - ACCESSORIES

DPI 611 Handheld Pressure Calibrator - ACCESSORIES 
by Druck

These additional items can be added at any time to enhance the features of your unit. Some might be required for the operation of your product, and some may not. We strongly advise that you carefully consider each item for purchase unless you already own a suitable alternative.

Pressure Measurement:

IDOS UPM Pressure Modules (P/N:  IUPM and IUPMP)

Druck - IDOS (Intelligent Digital Output Sensor) Pressure Modules
Universal pressure module for the GE Druck DPI800 Series, the PDI620 Genii, and the PACE 1000 Series Precision Digital Indicators

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IDOS USB Module  (P/N:  IO620-IDOS-USB)

Druck - IDOS to USB Converter (P/N:  IO620-IDOS-USB)
Connects IDOS pressure modules to  DPI620 USB port


Serial Cables for DPI620 Genii (P/N:  IO620-USB-PC and -RS232)
Druck - Serial Cables for DPI620 Genii (P/N:  IO620-USB-PC and -RS232)
Druck USB cables are used to connect a DPI 620 to a PC or an RS-232 interface

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 Power Supply Accessories:

Universal Power Charger for Portable Calibrators  (P/N:  IO620-PSU)

Druck - Universal Power Charger for Portable Calibrators  (P/N:  IO620-PSU)
Universal power supply for DPI620 with worldwide interchangeable plugs



Druck - DPI611 / DPI612 Li-Ion Battery Kit (P/N: DPI61X-BAT-KIT)

The IO61X-BAT-KIT is a rechargeable Li-ion battery upgrade kit for the DPI611 / DPI612. The kit comprises a Li-ion battery, a Li-ion battery cradle, and a power supply charger. Once installed, the kit allows charging the battery pack while installed in the DPI611 / DPI612.


4Sight2 Calibration & Asset Management Software

Druck - 4Sight2 Calibration & Asset Management Software

4Sight2 is your next generation solution for calibration and asset management and makes calibration management easy to use, cost-effective and scalable. Equally effective for single use or global multi-site operations, this software is designed to empower your organization to operate simply and securely, connecting your people to instruments, data, and enhanced analytics.

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     Carrying Cases, Spare Cases:

    DPI611 Leather Carrying Case  (P/N:  IO611-CASE-1)

    Druck - DPI611 Leather Carrying Case  (P/N:  IO611-CASE-1)
    A tailored carrying case made from durable leather allows the DPI611 to be used without removing it from the case.  Detachable shoulder strap and storage pocket included for test leads.


     Accessories (Please consider these optional accessories):

    Pressure Adaptor Sets  (P/N:  IO620-NPT, -BSP, -MET)

    Druck - QUICK-FIT Pressure Adaptor Sets  (P/N:  IO620-NPT, -BSP, -MET)
    A set of pressure port test point adaptors  connect the tool less quick fit connectors of the PV 62X, MC620 and extension hoses to the device under test. 

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    Comparator Adaptor  (P/N:  IO620-Comp)

    Druck - Comparator Adaptor  (P/N:  IO620-Comp-NEW)
    Allows the PV 62X pressure station to be used as a comparator; used with the DPI104 Digital Pressure Indicator (as reference) and another pressure gauge under test (i.e. bourdon-tube type pressure gauge).

    Pneumatic Hose Kit  (P/N:  IO620-Hose-P1, and P2)

    Druck - Pneumatic Hose Kit  (P/N:  IO620-Hose-P1, and P2) 
    For use with PV621 and PV622 pneumatic pressure stations or the MC620 pressure module carrier along with the DPI620.  Comes in 1 meter (3 foot) and 2 meter (6 foot) lengths. 

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    IDT621 Dirt Mositure Trap  (P/N:  IO620-IDT621)

    Druck - Dirt and Moisture Trap (P/N:  IO620-IDT621-NEW)
    Dirt moisture trap for PV621 pressure station. Maximum pressure 20 bar / 300 psi