EE310 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter - DESCRIPTION by E+E Elektronik

EE310 Humidity and Temperature Transmitter - DESCRIPTION
by E+E Elektronik

EE310 is optimized for reliable measurement in demanding industrial applications. In addition to highly accurate measurement of relative humidity and temperature, the transmitter also calculates parameters such as dew point, absolute humidity and mixing ratio.

Various models are available including wall, duct and remote probe. The remote probe can be used up to 180 °C (356 °F) and the pressure tight probe up to 20 bar (290 psi). The design of the rugged polycarbonate enclosure allows easy mounting and maintenance of the unit. Measured values are available on two analog outputs and Modbus RTU digital interface.

The state of the art TFT color display shows up to four measurands simultaneously and offers extensive error diagnostics. The integrated data logging function saves all measured and calculated values. The data can be displayed as graph directly on the device or easily downloaded via USB Interface.

An optional relay module can be used for alarms and process control. The E+E proprietary coating protects the sensor elements against corrosive and electrically conductive pollution. Outputs can be freely configured and a humidity and temperature adjustment performed directly via display or with the free EE-PCS software via the USB service interface.