Rugged TROLL 200 Data Logger - ACCESSORIES

Rugged TROLL 200 Data Logger - ACCESSORIES
by In-Situ


In-Situ - Rugged Baro TROLL Barometric Pressure Data Logger and Sensor

Barometric Pressure Sensor for use with the In-Situ Rugged TROLL data loggers, records barometric pressure to compensate for changes in water level due to barometric fluctuations.

  • Titanium construction
  • 1 inch diameter for easy fit
  • NIST calibration report



In-Situ - Docking Station for Rugged TROLL 100/200  (P/N: 0091970)
Includes USB cable and software CD


In-Situ - Replacement Backshell Hanger for Rugged TROLL 100/200 and Baro TROLL  (P/N: 0066030)
The backshell hanger is the cap that fits on top of the sensor in position 1 at left.


In-Situ - Cable Hanger Kit for Rugged TROLL 200  (P/N: 0080880)
In the picture at left, the cable hanger is shown with the tie wraps before they are cut.
In-Situ - Wireless TROLL Com (P/N:  0031240)
The Wireless TROLL Com provides wireless communication between a cabled, deployed Aqua TROLL, Level TROLL and late model Rugged TROLL 200 instruments and a PC/laptop or Android mobile device. Use the Wireless TROLL Com as a replacement for a standard wired TROLL Communication Device. 

In-Situ - Wireless Rugged TROLL Com (P/N: 0031220)
Provides wireless communication between a cabled, deployed Rugged TROLL 100 or 200 and a PC/laptop or Android mobile device.


In-Situ - Suspension Cable
Available in 50 ft (15.24 m), 150 ft (45.72 m), and 300 ft (91.44 m) lengths
Starting at:  $95.00
No image available

In-Situ - SDI-12 Direct Read Cables (P/N: 0087300 to 0087330)
Direct Read Cables, for use with Rugged TROLL 200; SDI-12, Stripped & Tinned

    Starting at:  $105.00
    RS485 Twist Lock Cables for Rugged Troll 200

    In-Situ - RS485/ModBus Direct Read Cables (0094860, 0061500, 0061520)
    Direct Read Cables for use with Rugged TROLL 200 and Rugged BaroTROLL

    • P/N 0094860 (RS485, Twist-Lock connector)
    • P/N 0061500 (RS485, with top of well connector)
    • P/N 0061520 (RS485, is stripped and tinned)
    Starting at:  $105.00