Model 3750 Heavy Duty Pressure & Vacuum Hand Pump -  Accessories

Manufactured by:  King Nutronics

These additional items can be added at any time to enhance the features of your unit. Some might be required for the operation of your product, and some may not. We strongly advise that you carefully consider each item for purchase unless you already own a suitable alternative.

King Nutronics - Carrying Case for 3750 Pump  (P/N:  3750-095-001)
A tailored carrying case for your 3750 Hand Pump, hydraulic fluid reservoir, hose and fittings.  Highly Recommended!

King Nutronics - Hose for 3750 Pressure & Vacuum Pump
Choose either a heavy duty braided stainless steel hose, or a less expensive lightweight hose.  All hoses are rated to 10K PSI, and available in 3 or 6 foot lengths. 

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King Nutronics - Hose Adaptor Fittings for 3750 Pump
The AN-4 end connects to the 3750 hose; the other end, available in either 1/4" NPT- Male or 1/4" NPT-Female, connects to your instrument.

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King Nutronics - Quick Disconnect Probes for 3750 Pump
This fitting is available in ¼" NPT-Male, ¼" NPT-Female, 1/2" NPT-Male, or AN4-Male, and connects to the reference pressure gauge.  The quick disconnect end plugs into the 3750 pump.

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King Nutronics - Standard Hydraulic Reservoir, 10K PSI  (P/N:  3750-150-001)
Connects to the 3750 pump to give it hydraulic capability, rated to 10K PSI.