Model 3750 Heavy Duty Pressure & Vacuum Hand Pump - Description
Manufactured by: King Nutronics

The Model 3750 Heavy Duty Hand Pump is a portable, self-contained pressure generator capable of producing and controlling calibration test pressures into pneumatic and hydraulic gauges and instruments. Calibration is achieved by comparing the device under test with a connected reference pressure indicator. The reference pressure or vacuum is manually generated by squeezing the scissor-action handles on the pump and making pressure adjustments using the coarse and fine volume adjust knobs. If the hand pump is purchased with the hydraulic reservoir, then pressures can be generated hydraulically up to 6,600 psig using the Model 3750 or up to 10,000 psig with the Model 3750-HPDX.


  • The most advanced, multi-function Handpump in the market today
  • The U.S. Navy’s hand pump of choice for shipboard calibration on all of its ships and submarines.
  • With proper maintenance and scheduled service, your Model 3750 is under warranty for 25 months of trouble-free performance.
  • Constructed with stainless steel and advanced corrosion protection on all wetted components, rugged impact resistance controls, wear resistant seals and control surfaces.
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic pressure output from one pump.
  • Proprietary elastomeric seals.
  • A “no-crush” knob clutch prevents over-tightening and increases valve seat life.
  • Bubble-tight needle valve offers precise, trouble-free pneumatic and hydraulic pressure control.
  • Dual Piston technology features coarse and fine vernier volume adjusters, enabling the operator to choose coarse control for large pressure changes or fingertip fine adjustment to effortlessly dial in pressure test points by as little as 0.001 psi.